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Edna Allen

I am a professional teacher and translator born in São Paulo, Brazil, living in Bristol, England, since December 2011. I  have a BA in Full Teaching Certification in Portuguese and English (Language and Literature) awarded by the Universidade Metodista de São Paulo, a TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) Certificate awarded by the University of Cambridge and I have been teaching since August, 2004.

I also have General Business Management and Health Service Establishments Administration Technician certificates and I have worked as Secretary and Personal Assistant which provides me with some extra skills to make our lessons more productive.

In addition to the linguistic skills and knowledge of Semantics and Stylistics, I have acquired know-how in a wide range of subjects, as result of my work with a variety of people – from 4-year-old children to Engineering students, Human Resources Managers and other high profiled business professionals.

What are my lessons like?

I prepare my own material carefully, in order to turn each lesson into an enjoyable experience for both the student and for myself.  I work with Power Point presentations to make the learning content more visual, dynamic and interactive and everything is sent to the student at the end of the session. Students are able to follow my well-structured resources on a second screen I share with them.


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Ed Character

David, Georgia, USA, studies Upper-Intermediate Brazilian Portuguese.
Edna has helped me tremendously in my progress in learning Portuguese. We have had 50 lessons and I will continue again with her as soon as she returns to teaching from her leave. We started working with grammatical subjects covering many issues that were unclear to me. After she felt I had a understanding of the principals of the structure, we moved into reading, pronunciation, writing, and conversational activities. She has been very patient and kind in working with me. She is an outstanding teacher.

Naomi, UK, studies Beginner Brazilian Portuguese.
“I enjoyed my lesson and appreciated the way that Edna tailored it to my abilities.”

Kamil, Poland, studies Beginner Brazilian Portuguese.
“Edna is a fantastic teacher. She leads the classes according to student’s needs. Cool, easy going approach with interesting materials. Tailor-made classes. Edna’s internet is super fast, so the quality of a sound is brilliant. Strongly recommended 🙂 Muito obrigado.”

 Nathan, United States, studies Beginners Brazilian Portuguese.
“Great teacher! Experienced and well prepared. Did a good job of pacing the lesson to match my current level, even though it was our first time meeting. Thanks!”

 Lynda, United States, studies Beginner Brazilian Portuguese.
“One of the best lessons I have ever had. Great instructor- personable, organized and very knowledgeable.”

 Puncharas, Brazil, studied Beginner Brazilian Portuguese.
“Muito bom !!! A professora Edna, explica muito claro. Gostei muito de aula com ela. Obrigada.”

 John, United States, studies Beginner Brazilian Portuguese.
“Excellent session focusing on upcoming trip to Brazil. Addressed my needs perfectly.”

 Barbara, United States, studies Beginner Brazilian Portuguese.
“Edna is an extraordinary teacher! Very patient and kind, even as she gently pushed me to do better. The whole session was really fun–Edna is definitely my “go to” Portuguese teacher from now on!”

 Simon, United States, is preparing for a business course he is going to teach in Brazil.
“Continuing work on presentation notes for my work. Very helpful and efficient.”

 Jairet, United States, studies Beginner Brazilian Portuguese.
“Good error correction and attention to my common errors. Good model sentence for expressing countries, nationalities and languages together.”
“Edna is a very organized and prepared teacher that offers comfortable and flexible lessons. I really enjoy her teaching style and method.”

 Adriana, Brazil, English Speaking Skill.
“It was a wonderful class. I learned a lot of new English words.”

 Thiago, Brazil, English for Beginners / Inglês para Iniciantes.
“Professora excelente e muito profissional de ótima didática. Nesta aula ela começou com uma revisão para identificar as minhas dificuldades e tirar algumas dúvidas.”

 François, Switzerland, Intermediate Brazilian Portuguese.
“Thank you Edna I’m very satisfied for my first try with you. You were able to pick up the things I needed to train on a good rhythm of sessions. See you for the next ones and all the best. Cheers François”

 Adriana, Poland, Intermediate Brazilian Portuguese.
“I just had my first full lessons with Edna. I can highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn or improve their Portuguese. It’s evident that teaching is not only her profession but also a great passion. I am looking forward to many more lessons. Obrigada!”

 Cheryl, United Kingdom, Upper-Intermediate Brazilian Portuguese.
“A minha primeira aula com Edna foi muito promissora. Edna é muito profissional, mas também leve e divertida. Nós conversamos e fazemos uma introdução ao curso intermediário. Tenho certeza que Edna vai me ajudar muito com as minhas metas de melhorar minha fluência e intonação.”

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