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A Student Review

I have recently worked with an amazing student from United States. She had moved to Brazil and asked for my help to improve her Portuguese and use less of the Portuguese-Spanish mix, what we call “Portuñol”.

sarah lesson

This is Sarah and our last lesson

Now, she is turning another chapter on her book (also because she is a writer) and, agreed to write me a review. This is what she kindly wrote to me:

sarah testimonial2

“Ola Edna,

Foi um prazer fazer aulas contigo durante estes ultimos meses. Vou sentir falta falar com voce, mas te agredeco por tudo!

Aqui esta a recomendacao para seu site:

Edna is a fabulous Portuguese teacher! I had 21 lessons with her over the course of several months while I was living in Brazil for intermediate Portuguese. She always came to our lessons prepared with interesting and engaging material, and always pushed me to learn a little more and to stop speaking so much “Portunol.” 🙂 In addition to having organized and informative lessons, Edna always gave me homework (but never too much) that helped me strengthen my written Portuguese. Edna is a pleasure to talk to, and I looked forward to our lessons. Our hour always passed too quickly- talking with Edna felt like talking to a friend and learning Portuguese at the same time. I highly recommend taking classes with Edna if you want to learn (or strengthen) Portuguese in a supportive and friendly way. Muito obrigada!


I am happy I could help and delighted I can keep in touch with such talented person.

Thanks Sarah!”

It was a great pleasure meeting you and I am sure we could work together again. I am delighted by the fact that we will still be able to keep in touch.

Thanks and See you soon, Sarah!

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